Brothers On The Line

The story of an incendiary trio that challenged an industry and the movement that remade America.

"Searing scenes...needs to be told to every generation" - The New York Times

"Striking, fast-paced...kept asking myself, why don't I know about this?" - Eugene Weekly

"Nothing speaks to us greater than the role of the unsung hero" - The Film Yap

"Remarkable and engaging...exceptionally well-told" - In These Times

"A great piece of filmmaking" - Michael Moore

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UAW (general history, timeline)

No Greater Calling (Reuther bio, images, teaching guide, etc)

Virtual Motor City (Detroit imagery)

Flint Sit-Down Strike (oral histories)

The Power In Our Hands: A History of Work and Workers in the US (teaching guide)

Mike Wallace Interview w/ Walter Reuther (1/25/1958)


Newsreel coverage of the assassination attempt on Walter Reuther. Scenes of home. Police and detectives investigate finger and foot prints around house. Press interviews with Mrs. Reuther. Scenes in hospital, Reuther in bed, Mrs. Reuther at his bedside.

Walter Reuther, president of the UAW, states organized labor's position on the issues of automation and its impact on employment before a Senatorial committee. Mr. Reuther's comments are interspersed with scenes of automobile plants and workers.

August 28, 1963 - Washington DC, UAW President Walter Reuther addresses the crowd at the March on Washington. (UAW tribute video on the 50th Anniversary of the March.)

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