Brothers On The Line

The story of an incendiary trio that challenged an industry and the movement that remade America.

"Searing scenes...needs to be told to every generation" - The New York Times

"Striking, fast-paced...kept asking myself, why don't I know about this?" - Eugene Weekly

"Nothing speaks to us greater than the role of the unsung hero" - The Film Yap

"Remarkable and engaging...exceptionally well-told" - In These Times

"A great piece of filmmaking" - Michael Moore

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Additional Scenes:

"The police had gathered at the top of the hill. They had already accumulated quite an arsenal..."

"They understood that the struggle for human rights was directly related to the struggle for organizing rights..."

"He's sitting up in the penthouse...maybe the problem is that the air is so thin up there that people can't think clearly..."

"A double-barreled shotgun was fired through the front window..."

"I just got to have you stand up when the going's tough because when you got your back to the wall I come to you..."

"We would's workers and their kids that are making the sacrifice in Vietnam and we've got to deal with that..."

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