Brothers On The Line

The story of an incendiary trio that challenged an industry and the movement that remade America.

"Searing scenes...needs to be told to every generation" - The New York Times

"Striking, fast-paced...kept asking myself, why don't I know about this?" - Eugene Weekly

"Nothing speaks to us greater than the role of the unsung hero" - The Film Yap

"Remarkable and engaging...exceptionally well-told" - In These Times

"A great piece of filmmaking" - Michael Moore

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Searing scenes…a concise and moving story…about the history of the U.A.W., and it needs to be told to every generation.
— Steven Greenhouse, The New York Times
Brothers On The Line is an inspiring film about how three brothers built the United Auto Workers into one of the most powerful forces of the 20th century. If you want to know how we once created a ‘middle class’ - and what it will probably take to get it back - watch this movie. It is a great piece of filmmaking.
— Michael Moore, filmmaker
Historically striking and fast-paced…I kept asking myself, “Why don’t I know about this?
— Alex Notman, Eugene Weekly
Remarkable and exceptionally well-told account.
— David Moberg, In These Times
A poignant documentary film…underscores just how far the auto workers progressed in American society…an emotional era when white labor leaders joined in allegiance with black leaders like Martin Luther King Jr to combine their fierce dedication for broadening opportunities and advancing the political and social power that could be forged.
— Robert Lenzner, Forbes
A touching homage to three working-class men who played an underappreciated role in every major social movement during 40 years of American history.
— Trey Pollard, Washington City Paper
This film is brilliant…a remarkable piece of history as well as a cautionary tale for our times.
— Thom Hartmann, The Big Picture
Nothing speaks to us greater than the role of the unsung hero…Brothers On The Line will leave you feeling inspired.
— Patrick Mitchell, The Film Yap
A moving, insightful, and well put together documentary that anyone with an interest in history, civil rights, and documentary filmmaking should see, if only to see how much of a difference a few can make for so many.
— Patrick Samuel, Static Mass Emporium UK
Simply remarkable work that provides insight on both the national implications of the American labor movement from its inception, and the personal details of the lives of key players.
— Educational Media Reviews
Technically superb…presents the good as well as questionable aspects of the brothers’ actions…an ideal film for use in economic anthropology, culture of capitalism, and the anthropology of work courses.
— Thomas Stevenson, Anthropology Review
A time when a handsome, eloquent working-class leader—flanked by his indefatigable younger brothers—could go toe-to-toe with the bosses publicly and win on a regular basis, seems today more like fantasy than history. For that reason alone, Brothers On The Line deserves a wide audience.
— Jefferson Cowie, Dissent Magazine
Unabashedly truthful… a clarion call to all workers from whatever class they think they’re from to decide which side they’re on.
— Ron Verzuh, labor historian
Sasha Reuther’s inspiring film reminds us of an important period in American history and teaches valuable lessons that today’s labor movement must learn for its own survival.
— Mike Konopacki, Huck/Konopacki Labor Cartoons
UAW Wisconsin stood with Brothers On The Line at the premiere last night in Madison. Proud and emotional night for us. Sasha Reuther tells a story in film like Victor told in voice. Thank you.
— John Drew, Regional Representative, UAW

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